Why, hello there! So glad you have joined me today.

I have just created this blog in order to begin the process of sharing information regarding all things massage therapy, wellness, holistic healing, energy work, yoga, mindfulness, and well -- anything that comes up in my day to day that I might currently be focusing on.

You see, I tend to notice themes at certain times in my life. One week, it may be a word or a philosophy about something I am interested in or just a shift in perspective. Next week, it might be something completely different that by the time I am finished processing , I realize it relates to the thing from the week before and “Whoa! Others are currently going through this same shift as well? Isn’t it cool how the universe speaks to us as a collective?”

So, feel free to add any topic you wish to explore here. Send me an email with your topic.

I look forward to sharing these ideas and information with you!

Renee Segars LMT

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